BTAC Beefs Up Security for Boracay Peak Season

As the holiday season draws nearer, Boracay officials prepare for one of the island’s annual peak seasons by beefing up security. The BTAC has assured the public that they have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of both local and foreign tourists of the island.

According to Police Senior Inspector Fidel Gentallan, Boracay police chief, “proactive measures” are being intensified as they prepare for the peak season that starts next month. One of these measures is increasing police visibility on the White Beach through daily beach patrols.

“We expect that the number of tourists will increase starting this November up to the holidays in December, so we have partnered with other security forces in the island to ensure the safety of our tourists and locals,” said Gentallan.

The beach patrols are a joint effort with members of the Philippine Army’s Task Group Boracay, the Malay Auxiliary Police (Map), Boracay Action Group (BAG), Philippine Coast Guard, PNP Maritime Command, and other force multipliers in Boracay.

Gentallan has also said that they will start deployment of security personnel to Boracay’s back area, Bolabog Beach. “We need more visibility and involvement of force multiplier,” he added.

During the peak season, the island’s one-entry-one-exit policy will also be strictly enforced in an effort to prevent the entrance of unsavory individuals. “There are a lot of possible points of entry in the island. We need to identify the points of entry to deploy security forces,” Gentallan said.

The Boracay police chief, meanwhile, has admitted that the island’s crime rate increases together with the number of visitors. He was quick to quip, however, that majority of these are petty crimes.

“Petty crimes usually increase, so we ask the public to remain vigilant, especially for those who go swimming who leave their belongings on the beach,” the police chief said.

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