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Boracay Beach is a resort island nestled in the heart of the Phillippines. The island itself is small, being 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) long and .6 miles (1 kilometer) wide, and has a population of around 32,000.

Tourism is the main form of industry on Boracay Island, and tourist numbers have been increasing every year. In 2017, a new record was set with over 2,000,000 tourists visiting Boracay. With these large numbers of visitors every year, Boracay was beginning to struggle to keep up with the preservation of its pristine ecosystem and beaches.

Boracay Closure

The island was closed between April and October 2018 to make much-needed improvements to the island’s infrastructure to cope with these large numbers of tourists. Large scale cleanups and improvements were made across the island during those six months, and new environmental policies for the tourism industry have also been implemented.

Tourists are continuing to flock to Boracay in large numbers; when you walk along the white sands of the pristine beaches, it’s easy to see why.

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