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Crystal Cove Island Boracay
Boracay activities are a dime a dozen. The tropical sanctuary at the heart of the Philippines has enough places to keep visitors busy during their stay there. However, if you want to experience Boracay at its purest and most unadulterated, then you are highly recommended to take a day tour at the Crystal Cove Island. […]
Only In Boracay
Boracay isn’t a popular international destination for nothing. There are lots of activities and places that set this reverent Philippine island apart of beaches all over the world. Below are just some of those things that can be done and found only in Boracay. The Sand Let’s start with the most obvious. There are beaches […]
Land Activities in Boracay
If you are like most tourists who avoid Boracay during the rainy season, then you surely look forward to the tons of land activities it can offer during the good summer months. Your travel buddy Boracay Beach Real Estate has slated the Top 8 Land Activities in Boracay both individuals and groups can enjoy from […]
Budget Friendly Tips to Boracay
Despite being pegged as an expensive tourist island, Boracay still receives tens of thousands of travelers each year. Tourist arrivals continue to satisfy expectations month by month, with recent June record hitting 110,246 domestic and foreign arrivals, thereby bringing the year-to-date total of 845,299 closer to the local government’s goal of 1.5 million tourists for […]
First Time Boracay Travel
Boracay is a world-renowned tourist spot visited by both locals and foreigners in droves every year. It is an image of tourism at its peak, even labeled as the best beach by travel magazines. But Boracay may provide a surprising picture for first-time travelers, so it is necessary to have a preview of what to […]
Honeymoon in Boracay - Tips and advice
If you are like other practical soon-to-be-wed couples who have chosen Boracay for its wedding-honeymoon facet, then you are getting value for your money. Our premier island destination—the best in Asia—comes with plenary offerings for everything, from perfect setting and honeymoon hotels to diversely thrilling activities and motley food choices. You have certainly chosen right, […]
Massage Experiences to Pamper Yourself in Boracay
Hitting the sack seems to be the cheapest way to relax after a long day in Boracay. But given that you are on an island having a vacation, it is non sequitur to just end the night uneventful. Have a relaxing massage—highly recommended by returning tourists—to ease tired muscles and prepare yourself completely for the […]
5 Reasons Why You Should Visit This Low Season
When June arrives, two scenarios occur in the Philippines that affect its top destination island Boracay: first, the school season begins and takes budgeting priority among locals; second, the rainy season sends frequent showers with strong winds to one side of the island. But Boracay goes with the season cycle, just like it did in […]
8 Popular Beach Party Places in Boracay
Boracay dons a light-party mode at sundown. Like the sun fuels the day with energy for tons of activities, the night sky casts a chill-out air on the island’s White Beach stretch, where bars, pubs, and restaurants improve the mood with faint lighting, island music, and sundry concoctions. The vibe is perfect for hanging out […]