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Boracay Budget Hotels for Big Groups
True about many holiday destinations worldwide, the secret to staying on the hot list weighs more on providing variety than sheer expensive beauty. Boracay has proven time and time again that, aside from having postcard-perfect white shores and mesmerizing sunsets, it also gives tourists a broad leeway for choosing activities and accommodations. To have a […]
Boracay Summer Tips
Many locals skip Boracay on their travel destination list for the massive funds they need to accumulate to have a worthwhile visit. What they lack, in fact, is not the funds, but rather the knowledge of an experienced traveler. Hence, if you are planning to spend your summer in Boracay this year, better stock up […]
Infographic - Boracay Tip
MANILA, Philippines – While you’re daydreaming about walking barefoot on super fine white sand, bathing under the scorching sun, and partying all night, it’s wise to plan on how you can make your Boracay summer getaway worry-free and budget friendly. Here’s an infographic to help you prepare for your most awaited Boracay vacation: Sources: […]
D' Talipapa Boracay
Tourists asking for a place to buy fresh produce on Boracay island are likely to get a popular answer: D’Talipapa. This wet market adjoining the upscale D’Mall is the epitome of buyer-seller interaction, where bargaining is a common scenario. Locals and foreigners completing their tropical experience by dining on fresh seafood and meat bustle here, […]
D'Mall Boracay
The world-renowned island of Boracay in the Philippines comes complete not only with activities and accommodations, but also with shopping options. Budget shoppers can head to D’Talipapa in Station 3 for cheaper merchandise, but those who want to remain close to Station 1 while killing time strolling can opt for the only touristy shopping center […]
Boracay Events and Festivals
Boracay is by default a haven of thrilling coastal activities complementing the tranquil vibe in the hotels and resorts. But year-round, several Boracay festivals and events—most coinciding the peak seasons—take place on the island, drawing more tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and witness the extra spice at the same time. These Boracay […]
A resort in Carabao Island
This untouched island has the same treasures Boracay island boasts of: the crystal-clear blue waters and the powdery-white sands minus the hustle and bustle of its popular counterpart. It is the perfect tourist destination for beach lovers who seek peace and tranquility. This is Carabao Island. Part of Romblon province in the region of MIMAROPA—which […]
Boracay Tip: Beware of Fake Tourist Guides
Department of Tourism – Boracay officials issued a warning for travelers to beware of fake tourist guides and commissioners on the famed island. Although petty crimes are unavoidable in Boracay, officials reiterated the safety warning following a reported theft of five Korean nationals in the last week of January. According to the victims, they booked […]
Bulabog Beach, Boracay
Those who have experienced the best of Boracay would certainly say that there is more to the famous White Beach. Indeed, behind this white-sand beach lies one less frequented location that offers an exciting vacation ingredient: surging winds. Bulabog Beach, measuring 2.5 kilometers long, occupies the eastern side of Boracay and leverages on the trade […]