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Living in Paradise The natural beauty of Boracay Island in the Philippines cannot be denied, and it’s the reason why a number of people, both locals and foreigners, have decided to spend their life there. The pristine white beach, crystal-blue waters, world-class restaurants, luxurious resorts and hotels, and vibrant nightlife are reason enough for many […]
Living in Boracay
Thousands of people visit Boracay Island every year to experience the fun activities, enjoy the view and leave the hustle bustle of the city. And after days of being on the island, there will always be the feeling of sadness when you’re about the leave. What if you were to live in this beautiful island, […]
Boracay New Year
You’ve never experienced New Year’s Eve in the tropical islands of the Philippines until you’ve spent it on Boracay Island. If you’re planning on having a unique New Year’s Eve experience, the countdown parties on Boracay’s white sand beaches is not to be missed. Plus, you can also enjoy the other amenities and activities the […]
Boracay Island
Among the Philippines’s many picturesque island destinations, none is probably more famous than the tropical paradise that is Boracay Island, Philippines. Pristine beach by day and upbeat party place by night, Boracay is simply the place to be, whether you’re looking to unwind or be part of the latest parties and events. Its popularity has […]
Boracay Island - A dreamland for all ages
With the holidays just around the corner, you might already have plans for a family getaway. If not, an island escapade might be in order. For the kids, there are a host of Boracay activities to try, aside from enjoying the beautiful white sand beach, of course. Your standard Boracay adventure might include rock diving, […]
The Boracay Beach - Boracay Back Then, Right Now, in the Future
Boracay is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle in the Metro. The island marries the natural beauty of the tropics (the blue sea, white sand, and captivating beaches), the booming commerce, and the urban nightlife. All of these combine to create a unique and unforgettable experience for tourists in arguably the best beach […]
Foreigners in Love with Boracay
Boracay is more than just a pristine beach located at the heart of the Philippines. For foreigners, it has become their second home, a sanctuary away from their normal lives. If you’re wondering why Boracay is packed with foreigners all the time, below are some of the reasons. Incredible natural resources There’s so much of […]