This is a good introduction if you want to give kiteboarding in Boracay a try.

You will learn the basics of wind direction and how to pilot the kite with easy exercises like water relaunch and body dragging.

Full details about this kiteboarding tour in Boracay

The kite discovery course will allow you to have a first taste of what kiteboarding is about. There is very little theory so you will go directly into the water and have fun. At first, you will fly a small kite to understand where and how it flies. Then you will set up a bigger kite together with the guides and be told about the different parts.

You will be shown how the safety elements work so you are safe once you go in the water with it. You will then be taught how to control the kite by doing exercises like relaunching the kite, doing figures of 8, and body dragging.

The course lasts for 2-hours in a group or 1.5-hours if you are alone. At the end of the course, you will get an internationally-recognised certificate from the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation).