Puka Beach Boracay

Boracay brings about images of a busy tropical island teeming with tourists and activities. However, people who have not visited the famous island should be informed that it is quiet on the northern shore, home to rough waves and deeper waters—Puka Beach.

About Puka Beach

Puka Beach lies on the northern end of Boracay island and is under the jurisdiction of Barangay Yakap. Stretching 800 meters in length, Puka beach is named from the famous puka shells abundant on the part of the island, so-called because of the hole in them that translates to “puka” in Hawaiian. The beach is also a pit stop in the island-hopping tours offered at White Beach.

Transportation to Puka Beach

Going to Puka Beach is possible via land or sea. By land, visitors can take a 10-15 minute tricycle or motorbike ride from White Beach. For those looking for a unique experience, an all-terrain vehicle can be hired for a self-drive. By sea, rent a Banca or paraw and sail from White beach departure point around the island until you get to the north.

The Puka Beach Difference

A trip to this part of the island is famous among vacationers who want a laidback approach. The beach is uninhabited, so there are no establishments—resortsrestaurantshotels, and malls—to ruin the serene view. However, souvenir vendors selling jewelry and souvenirs made from puka shells can be found.

Puka Beach, unlike the famous and bustling White Beach, has grainier and less powdery sand. The intermittent lashing of waves to the shore produces shells and rocks that define the beach’s sand’s characteristic composition.

Because Puka Beach is almost uninhabited, visitors can hold picnics, so long as rubbish is disposed of correctly. But the lack of establishments also means that they have to bring plenty of provisions relative to the length of stay. Tesebels, the only restaurant in Puka, prepares delicious seafood dishes for visitors to enjoy for those not on a limited budget.

The beach’s tranquility is perfect for intimate conversations with a loved one—with the heterogeneous sand underneath, the trees behind, the skies above, and the vast ocean in front.

Tips for Visiting Puka Beach

Visitors during the low season are advised to arrange to be picked-up from Puka beach by making arrangements with drivers at an agreed time to avoid being stranded at the location.

Swimming in Puka’s waters is not advised because of the danger of its depth and roughness, which even gives boatmen a tough e in anchoring their sailboats to the shore.

Visitors are advised to apply sun-protective lotion, especially during the hotter hours of the day.

Puka Beach shows that a tropical island vacation is not all buzz and activity. With the hard-to-find serenity and untouched picture that it offers, this part of the island can surely make even the game and bubbly holidaymakers reflect on the nature-endowed beauty of Boracay Island.