Boracay Island is known to be one of the most popular beach resorts in the whole world. Most media attention is on Boracay’s White Beach because of its white sand, azure beaches, and vibrant nightlife. 

However, other beaches in the Philippines’ premier vacation getaway are just as beautiful.

In this post, we will shed light on Boracay’s other beaches that you ought to visit. For your reference and to get you a better idea of what beholds each beach, we will compare them to the famous White Beach, which most are already familiar with.

Puka Beach

Imagine White Beach when resorts and commercial establishments did not flock the beachfront. This remoteness is what Puka Beach looks like. The beach has souvenir shops at the entrance, which is a ride away from the White Beach. However, it is the unadulterated feel of the beach that will make your visit here worthwhile.

Ilig-Iligan Beach

If you’re big on snorkeling, then this beach is for you! Located at the island’s northeastern side, the beach can be reached via island hopping trip or walking from the shore. Aside from snorkeling in its crystal clear waters, the beach offers an excellent spot for people who wish to picnic.

Diniwid Beach

This beach is the more peaceful and less crowded version of the White Beach. For those who want to get away from the noise and clutter of their everyday lives, Diniwid Beach is a great place to kick back and enjoy the tropics’ natural beauty.

Bulabog Beach

The sand here in Bulabog Beach isn’t as fine or powdery compare to the White Beach. However, it compensates for the wealth of water activities available there like parasailing, kiteboarding, flying fish rides, and banana boat riding.

Lapus Lapus Beach

Lapus Lapus is the exclusive beach for Fairways and Bluewaters Resort. If you want a piece of Boracay all to yourself, reserve a room at Fairways and Bluewaters Resort and spend as long as you want on this beach.

Below are the other beaches on Boracay

      • Lugutan Beach is the docking station at Station 3 for boats on the island and Caticlan.
      • Tulubhan Beach and Manoc-Manoc Beach are mostly flocked by local villagers looking for fish and urchin on the seabed and boats docked on the shore.
      • Sugod Beach is near Tulubhan Beach and appears to be private property. However, visitors are free to take a look at the beach’s ruggedness.
      • Cagban Beach can be visited through a narrow passageway from Cagban port. Aside from an eatery in front, the beach is far from being the most visited on the island.
      • Tambisaan Beach is best enjoyed by more advanced snorkellers as it has lots of coral gardens below.

Have you been to these beaches in Boracay? Share your experiences on each by commenting below!