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The Boracay Beach
Reserving a hotel to stay in Boracay has been made much more convenient with online booking. No longer will you have to leave your home to make plans with the resort you wish to spend your time in while at Philippines’ best and most popular tropical destination. Better yet, booking online can be done anywhere […]
Crystal Cove Island Boracay
Boracay activities are a dime a dozen. The tropical sanctuary at the heart of the Philippines has enough places to keep visitors busy during their stay there. However, if you want to experience Boracay at its purest and most unadulterated, then you are highly recommended to take a day tour at the Crystal Cove Island. […]
Land Activities in Boracay
If you are like most tourists who avoid Boracay during the rainy season, then you surely look forward to the tons of land activities it can offer during the good summer months. Your travel buddy Boracay Beach Real Estate has slated the Top 8 Land Activities in Boracay both individuals and groups can enjoy from […]
Biking In Boracay Philippines
Biking, an effective cardiovascular workout, matches the purpose of connecting with nature on the beautiful island-resort of Boracay. Many tourists who want to explore the inlands rent the cheaper bicycles available at the beaches in order to tour the entire island at their own pace. The solitude in being on a two-wheeled vehicle and the […]
Boracay Valentines Day
Boracay, one of the Philippines’ premier islands, receives constant publicity through word of mouth from travelers and recognitions from travel authorities in the world. One recent distinction came from Travel + Leisure magazine, whose February 2013 issue hailed Boracay as the fifth most romantic island in the world. This proves that the island, despite its […]