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Boracay Activities
With the multitude of Boracay activities in which you can engage, creating an itinerary is highly recommended whenever you plan on enjoying the sights and sounds of this tropical paradise. Aside from the pristine white-sand beaches and crystal clear sea waters, the island has so much to offer its visitors, whether they’re looking for water […]
Top 20 Boracay Activities Part 1
The natural wonders in Boracay are what draws tourists into one of the most popular tropical destinations in the world. However, it’s the exciting activities found in Boracay that makes them stays. And we’re not just referring to swimming at the beaches and partying late at night, both of which Boracay has become known for. […]
First Time Boracay Travel
Boracay is a world-renowned tourist spot visited by both locals and foreigners in droves every year. It is an image of tourism at its peak, even labeled as the best beach by travel magazines. But Boracay may provide a surprising picture for first-time travelers, so it is necessary to have a preview of what to […]
Father's Day Boracay Activities
Almost one month ago, we posted an article that suggested ways to spoil your mom in this year’s Mother’s Day. Now, it is the time for our fathers—our protector and provider—to receive the same special treatment on the day set to honor them. Occurring on 15 June 2014, Father’s Day will again be a sight […]
New Found Adventure In Boracay With Zorbing
In Boracay, you can discover a lot of fun activities that will make a memorable tropic vacation. Especially with Zorbing, Rolling Down The Hill sure got a new meaning and becomes more fun in Boracay Island.
What Are The Things To Do When In Boracay
The Boracay Beach is excited to invite our fans and patron members to discover and share the amazing activities and sights that can be experienced in Boracay. Titled “When In Boracay…”, you are welcome to post on our Facebook timeline, your comments and photos to share with our followers. From romantic getaways to family bonding […]