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Effective Ways On How To Help Preserve Boracay
There’s no doubt in everybody’s minds that Boracay is one of the best tropical destinations in the world due to its beautiful blue waters and white sand. However, just like any other natural resources, Boracay is subject to exploitation and degradation due to poor maintenance and waste management not only by business establishments, but also […]
Infographic - Boracay Tip
MANILA, Philippines – While you’re daydreaming about walking barefoot on super fine white sand, bathing under the scorching sun, and partying all night, it’s wise to plan on how you can make your Boracay summer getaway worry-free and budget friendly. Here’s an infographic to help you prepare for your most awaited Boracay vacation: Sources: […]
Boracay Tip: Beware of Fake Tourist Guides
Department of Tourism – Boracay officials issued a warning for travelers to beware of fake tourist guides and commissioners on the famed island. Although petty crimes are unavoidable in Boracay, officials reiterated the safety warning following a reported theft of five Korean nationals in the last week of January. According to the victims, they booked […]
Check list for Boracay trip
Having a vacation in Boracay is something that most people look forward to. The island’s supreme beach destinations are main attractors of tourists, all ensuring a no-dull-moment holiday. During the day, you can stroll casually on the White Beach, feeling the warmth and softness of the sand. At night, the bars sit ready if you […]
How To Avoid Fake Online Resort Reservation in Boracay
Boracay Island, the pristine tourist destination in the Philippines, is still climbing the ladder of popularity with its array of new resorts and vacation packages. Visiting the island is a fine choice for you and your family, especially if you want to engage in thrilling water activities. Before planning for reservations, you need to watch […]