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Tips To Avoid Boracay Beach Troubles
Beautiful beaches such those of the island of Boracay in the Philippines have long been a favorite vacation spot of people looking for some relaxation and recreation time. And although most beaches have been developed in order to attract more tourists, it can’t be denied that these landscapes are still part of the untamed and […]
Guide To Spending Holiday in Boracay
Boracay Islands is one of the world’s most popular tropical destinations. However, the clear blue waters and white powdery sand amidst the sweltering sun is not only a summer haven, but a year-long tourist spot. There is so much to do and enjoy in Boracay especially during the holidays! If you are planning to celebrate […]
Budget Friendly Tips to Boracay
Despite being pegged as an expensive tourist island, Boracay still receives tens of thousands of travelers each year. Tourist arrivals continue to satisfy expectations month by month, with recent June record hitting 110,246 domestic and foreign arrivals, thereby bringing the year-to-date total of 845,299 closer to the local government’s goal of 1.5 million tourists for […]
Massage Experiences to Pamper Yourself in Boracay
Hitting the sack seems to be the cheapest way to relax after a long day in Boracay. But given that you are on an island having a vacation, it is non sequitur to just end the night uneventful. Have a relaxing massage—highly recommended by returning tourists—to ease tired muscles and prepare yourself completely for the […]