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Boracay Accommodations
A world-renowned vacation place, Boracay Island is always teeming with people who want to unwind or those looking for the hippest party around. With the many things you can do on the island, this famous holiday getaway attracts a diverse crowd coming from different parts of the world. Fortunately, Boracay accommodations are equally diverse, offering […]
Questions When Choosing Boracay Accommodation
Thinking of things to do while you’re in Boracay is fun. But let’s be realistic – you have to properly plan your stay there in order to maximize your experience in one of the world’s prime tropical destinations. Much of the preparation will come from looking for the best resorts to stay in. When choosing […]
Foreigners in Love with Boracay
Boracay is more than just a pristine beach located at the heart of the Philippines. For foreigners, it has become their second home, a sanctuary away from their normal lives. If you’re wondering why Boracay is packed with foreigners all the time, below are some of the reasons. Incredible natural resources There’s so much of […]
Boracay Budget Hotels for Big Groups
True about many holiday destinations worldwide, the secret to staying on the hot list weighs more on providing variety than sheer expensive beauty. Boracay has proven time and time again that, aside from having postcard-perfect white shores and mesmerizing sunsets, it also gives tourists a broad leeway for choosing activities and accommodations. To have a […]